grandfather at the request of Roger

Portgas D. Ace (ポ ー ト ガ ・ ・ D ・ ー ー ス Pōtogasu D. Ēsu), known by the nickname "Boxing Fire Ace" (Hiken no Ace) was the commander of the Whitebeard Pirate 2nd Division.Gol D. Roger and his partner Portgas D. Rouge, then rescued secretly by Navy Admiral Garp, Luffy's grandfather at the request of Roger.

In a big battle at Marineford, Portgas D. Ace finally died in the hands of Admiral Akainu to protect his younger brother, Monkey D. Luffy.


Although not related to blood, Ace seems to resemble Luffy's adopted brother, but with a more serious expression and is also slightly taller and more muscular. His face also has spots like inheriting from his mother. He has a large tattoo on the back with a symbol of Whitebeard, with a purple skull with a white mustache and two white bones perpendicular to the back. He also has another tattoo on the right arm that says "ASCE" with the letter "S" crossed.

Ace wore an open shirt early in his career until he tattooed Whitebeard. After that he does not use anything above except when on winter islands. He wore black boots, black knee-length shorts with a belt studded with orange holes, and a bonded blue bag around his left leg. He also wore another short belt with a big red "A" on the silver buckle above the right hip, but left detached and the tip threaded freely along the back of the pants. A green sheathed dagger hung on his left waist. Ace wears many accessories such as red and white striped bracelets, a Log Pose on the left wrist and a red beaded necklace on the neck and wears an orange hat with two "smiley" icons, one pout and one smile, and a string of red beads on on the rim. Two sides of an orange long rope dangled the side of his hat and met in a large medal of a bull skull with orange tassels.


Ace is much smarter, friendlier and polite, in contrast when compared to his younger brother Luffy, making the rest of the straw hat crew wonder if they really are brothers. Although it was not related to blood, some people actually compared the resemblance of Luffy's nature to [[Roger during his youth]. Whitebeard also claimed that Ace's personality was not at all like his father. Among their similarities, Ace also likes food and often eats large portions. He once sneaked up on the Buggy ship, after being attracted to the smell of food and decided to enjoy being there. He really likes parties and likes to be happy with anyone, even though it's people he just knew.

There are two jokes about Ace's habits. First, he often falls asleep suddenly while eating or talking. The first time seen in a restaurant in Alabasta, made people think that he had died. Secondly, he often eats without paying wherever he goes. Usually, Ace will behave politely by thanking for the food given then quickly going away leaving the bill behind.

As Roger's son, Ace grew up in exile with the secret of his identity, making him wonder about his own right to exist. He often went to town to hear people who insulted Roger and scoffed at his descendants. Sometimes he turns very rude and unfriendly. Ace seems to have a lifelong problem with his father, by removing the name "Gol" and preferring the name "Portgas" as a tribute to his deceased mother protecting him. He seemed to hate his status as the son of a pirate king, once criticized Gol D. Roger and preferred to recognize Whitebeard as his father. Then he turned to be kinder and warmer after getting brothers like Sabo and Luffy.

Ace is also easily provoked to anyone who insults or hurts someone close to him. He has a tendency not to run away from battles when facing enemies. It was mentioned in Garp and Dadan's conversation that this tendency was similar to his father's character, Gol D. Roger, who always tried to protect his friends. First seen when he and Sabo freed Luffy from Porchemy. Then when he chases Kurohige after killing Thatch and also when Akainu provokes him by making fun of Whitebeard. The last incident proved fatal to Ace who led him to his death.


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