Aokiji Kuzan (青 雉. ク ザ ン Aokiji Kuzan?

Aokiji Kuzan (青 雉. ク ザ ン Aokiji Kuzan?) Is a former Navy admiral and is one of the strongest characters in the story. He resigned from the Navy after losing to Akainu Sakazuki in a battle over the position of admiral fleet and refused towork under Akainu's orders. His character first appeared on Long Ring Long Island, while trailing Nico Robin who had joined the Straw Hat Pirates.


Aokiji is a very tall and tall person. His soft curly hair reaches the neckline and has a long face. When the situation is not official, he often wears an eye patch, as a sleep aid, which is hooked on the forehead if it is not being used.

He often wore a white vest covering a long-sleeved blue shirt and white trousers and white shoes. He also wears a yellow tie with black stripes. During the battle against the Whitebeard Pirates at Marineford, Aokiji wore a distinctive long marine coat that was only hooked on his shoulder, like the other admirals.

22 years ago during the Ohara incident, Aokiji wore a dark blue bandana with a white marine symbol on his head, and round sunglasses.


Aokiji looks like someone who is ignorant and relaxed and rarely looks surprised in any situation. The lack of interest and the motto of lazy justice (as stated) which he refers to, often makes others not sure that he can occupy a high position in the Navy. But if the situation interests him, he can take the initiative to take action such as when he uses his strength to help Tonjit cross.

As Admiral, he can turn out to be wise as he helped Tonjit on the island of Long Ring Long and even let Nico Robin escape during the Buster Call attack on Ohara. He also disliked the Shichibukai, especially Crocodile, as he said when he decided to take off Monkey D. Luffy and the straw hat crew because the straw hat had beaten Crocodile in Alabasta.

Contrary to his fellow admiral, Akainu, Aokiji has a high sense of honor as he promised to not attack the other straw hat crew after he received a one on one battle with Luffy. Aokiji's motto of justice is not exactly known, but he shows that he follows moral justice. He seems to be fed up with Akainu's actions (such as the Ohara incident) and calls him a fool. Despite following moral justice, he was quite strict in carrying out his duties as an admiral, as when he froze his own friend Jaguar D. Saulo and attacked Whitebeard and Luffy during the battle at Marineford.

The uncharacteristic relaxed attitude he displayed when carrying out the tasks bears a resemblance to Kizaru Borsalino, making him a very complicated character to understand. Although he did not really want to be the admiral's head, he preferred to oppose Akainu rather than let his colleague seize the position. After being defeated by Akainu, he resigned from the Navy rather than working under Akainu's command.



Aokiji seems to have a fairly close relationship with Rear Admiral Marine D. Monkey D. Garp, Luffy's grandfather. He said that he once had a debt of gratitude to Garp. The debt in question is not fully known. He also admired (maybe idolized) Garp when he refused to be promoted to admiral. But with his excessive attitude to forgive Luffy, it seems he has a relationship that is more than just debt of gratitude to his grandfather.

Aokiji was good friends with Vice Admiral Jaguar D. Saulo. The only reason he let Nico Robin go 20 years ago was because of his friendship with Saulo. He stated that he respected Saulo's wishes and felt obliged to oversee Robin's life until he succeeded in finding his true friend. But this friendship was not enough for him to forgive Saulo.

Aokiji did not really like Sakazuki who often acted mercilessly during his duties (such as when Akainu killed the civilian Ohara to ensure that none of the archaeologists escaped the Buster Call's attack) and called him a fool. After Sengoku resigned, Aokiji strongly opposed Akainu's candidacy and preferred to fight over the position even though at first he was not very interested. After being defeated by Akainu, he prefers to resign rather than work under Akainu's orders.


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